Understanding Storage Restrictions

5 Things To Look For On Websites When Picking The Best Self-Storage Facility

Renting a storage unit for your personal belongings should always require a bit of advanced research about your options. Most storage facilities these days do have websites, and these sites can offer a plethora of information to help you decide on the best place.

1. Look for clear contact information. 

Clear contact information is such a small thing, but it is ever-important when you rent a storage unit. Not only should you see clear contact information, but you should also be able to easily make a phone call and get a live representative. If there is ever an issue once you have items in storage, it should be relatively easy to get in touch with someone who can help you, even if it is just by phone, online chat, or email.

2. Look for information about security features on-site. 

Most self-storage facilities are proud of their security features. They work hard to build a property that looks secure so they can attract customers to them over competitors. Therefore, it is fairly common for the websites owned by these facilities to give a detailed list of all the security features they can offer, whether it is gated access, high-tech locks, or around-the-clock security.

3. Look for a customer login portal. 

A customer login portal on a storage facility's website is always a good sign. This means that customers who have a rented unit can create an account and manage their payments, which is so much easier than having to send in payments every month or visit the facility in person. Some more advanced locations have customer portals where customers can remotely adjust the temperature inside a climate-controlled unit or get a peek at the surveillance footage of the unit itself.

4. Look for clear pricing explanations. 

During the search for the best place to store your items, it is so much easier if you have prices available to compare different units. The best storage companies will know this is what most customers do, so they will give information on their websites about the prices of the different units they have available.

5. Look for insurance information. 

The best storage facilities will offer insurance that you can purchase for an added monthly charge to cover theft or loss of your stored items. Even though some customers will have a homeowner's insurance policy that will cover their items even when they are stored off the property, not every customer does. The best storage companies will have an explanation of their insurance options on their website.

For more information, contact a local self-storage facility today.