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Moving A Long Distance? Here's How To Prevent Disaster

Moving a long distance can be a major all-encompassing endeavor. There are so many things that can go wrong! How do you make sure your move goes off without a hitch? You can start with these tips and tricks.

1. Take the time to wrap and protect everything.

Wrapping every single mug or picture frame might seem like overkill, but when your boxes are being hauled for hundreds or thousands of miles, there are so many opportunities for boxes to be jolted or banged into doors. So, make sure you wrap each and every fragile item carefully. Use two layers -- a layer of bubble wrap followed by a layer of tissue paper. 

2. Give yourself a few extra days.

If you need to be in your new home by Wednesday to start your new job, make sure you initially plan to arrive on Monday. This way, if something goes wrong and there are delays, you will still technically be there in time for your obligations. 

3. Coordinate carefully with your moving company, landlord, and other parties.

When you move a long distance, there are a lot of parties to coordinate. Your new landlord needs to know when you are moving in, the moving company needs to know when to come pack, and your utility companies have to know when to start your service. Try keeping a list of people involved in your move, and every couple of days, check the list to see what communication you need to make to keep everyone on the same page. 

4. Don't bring too much.

Those worn out t-shirts you haven't worn in three years? They are probably not worth hauling across the country. A sofa with stains and fraying cover? Throw it away -- don't move it. The more you pack and move, the more your moving company will charge you, so get rid of any extras before the movers arrive.

5. Have someone help you drive.

If you choose to haul your own items rather than hire a moving company, make sure you have a friend come along to help drive. They can navigate in the passenger's seat so you can just focus on driving. And, when you get tired, they can take over driving so you can keep progressing towards your new home with fewer breaks.

With the tips above, you will have an easier time succeeding in your long-distance move. Contact a service, like TONYSSONSMOVING AND STORAGE, for more help.