Understanding Storage Restrictions

Avoid A DIY Move Under These Conditions

You don't have to use a professional moving company while relocating; you can try DIY moving. However, there are circumstances in which it's best to avoid DIY moving because it can complicate your move. Here are some of the situations in which DIY isn't advisable:

You Are Moving Long Distance

A short distance move is relatively easier to manage than a long distance move. The risk of an accident, the risk that you will be caught up in bad weather, the cost of moving, and transportation rules and laws all depend on how far you are moving. For example, if you are moving to a different state, there may be prohibited items that you cannot bring across state lines. All these mean that a long-distance move is more complicated than short distance relocation, and the former requires the input of a professional.

You Are Moving the Whole House

There is a great difference between relocating a few pieces of furniture and moving the entire contents of a three-bedroom house; the more items you are moving the more complicated the move will be. Packing and loading a whole house isn't easy for a non-professional; it will tire you thoroughly and consume a lot of your time.

You Are Moving Special Equipment

It's also a good idea to go the professional route if your relocation includes special items. Examples of special items include heavy items (such as machinery), delicate items such as big screen television and artwork, and expensive and fragile items such as artwork or piano instrument. Those items are difficult to move, can easily get damaged, and require a lot of money to replace; it is best if you let the professionals handle them.

It Is Your First Time Moving

Before deciding whether to opt for a DIY move, you also need to examine your level of experience. Certainly, you may consider a DIY move if you have handled a couple of relocations without any problem. However, you definitely need professional help if this is your first time.

You Don't Have Reliable Helpers

Lastly, you should know that moving is a complicated and tiresome project, and you can't execute it with a helper or two –certainly not if you are moving the whole house. Sure, you can think about a DIY move if you have friendly neighbors or loved ones who are willing to help you. However, don't try to go the DIY route if you haven't found several willing helpers.

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