Understanding Storage Restrictions

Four Things To Look For In A Commecrial Moving Service

A commercial moving service can do much more for your business than simply moving boxes from one office to another. In fact, some moving services offer additional options that can save you time, money, and even a few headaches. Here are some essential services to look for when hiring a commercial moving company.

E-Waste Recycling

When packing up to move to a new office, chances are that you'll encounters oms broken electronics that need to be disposed of. A full-service commercial moving company can handle disposing of these items properly so they are recycled instead of taking up precious space in a landfill. Inspect all of your office's computers, tablets, printers, and other electronics to determine which ones need to be recycled, and work with your moving company to have this e-waste recycled.

File Room Setup

Getting your file room set up and organized is an important task when you move to a new office, but you don't have to tackle this task yourself. An experienced commercial moving company can handle setting up your filing cabinets, unloading your files from boxes into the cabinets, and keeping your paperwork as organized as it was in your old office. You may want to have one member of your own staff present to help with this task, but you won't have to devote days of payroll to it.

Document Shredding

As you prepare to move to a new office, you may find that you have old files you no longer need to keep on hand. However, you will need to dispose of this old paperwork properly. Fortunately, some commercial moving companies offer shredding services for exactly this reason. The moving company can shred the paperwork so no sensitive or critical information is still readable, and the shreds can then be recycled, giving you a way to have a better impact on the world around you during your business move.

Office Setup

Your commercial movers can also help you to get set up in your new office. They can handle everything from unpacking boxes to assembling cubicles, which means your staff has more time to get back to work after you move. Some moving services even offer computer and electronics setup, which means you can have your movers set up each work station in your office. 

Talk to a commercial moving company, like NextView Moving, about the different services available, and choose the ones that make the most sense for your business.