Understanding Storage Restrictions

Need to Move Out Furniture Temporarily? Sign on with a Storage Unit for One Month

The way you have your home set up may be perfect for your family. But, it may not be suitable when you want to have several family members come over and stay at your home for a week or two. This can put you in a predicament because you may not want to clutter up your garage with furniture pieces. This can quickly get in the way of allowing your family to park their rental cars inside the garage. So, you should invest in a solution and one of the most effective ways is to rent a storage unit for a single month.

Prioritize the Location

An important part of having a great experience with storage is finding a location close by. You do not want to have to borrow a friend's truck or rent a moving truck and have to drive a long distance.

Also, you want it to be easy to put the furniture inside once you have the storage unit and are ready to use it. While you might normally want a climate-controlled unit to protect wood furniture, you should feel confident enough to go without this feature as your things will only be in storage for a limited time. This is an even better option during the often mild seasons of spring and autumn as wood damage will not be an issue.

Avoid a Lengthy Contract

It is not uncommon for storage facilities to have tempting long-term contract offers. These are great for people who are looking for long-term storage because they can save money on a 6-month lease, 12-month lease, or their first month may be free of charge as long as they commit to certain number of months. To avoid these tempting offers, you should make your intentions clear from the beginning. Laying out the details of your situation will help you focus on getting the lowest rate for a single month stay.

Buy Furniture Protectors

Although 30 days should be a bit short on time to cause real damage to your furniture, you should not hesitate to get furniture protectors for just about everything you put into storage. This will also help you keep furniture in the best condition by avoiding damage while transferring things in and out. It may also be worth getting furniture risers to keep each piece off the ground to minimize dirt and grime collection.

Renting a storage unit is the perfect solution for when you need extra space in your home for some time. For more assistance, contact companies like Allen's Transfer.